4-CT is the only statewide organization that prioritizes direct cash assistance through the 4-CT Card Program, providing unrestricted, no-strings-attached cash assistance to those in need.

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Inspired by other COVID-19 relief efforts across the country, the 4-CT Card launched in 2020. The 4-CT Card is a prepaid debit card aimed at relieving economic pressures and providing residents in need with the resources to improve their lives and the flexibility to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. We believe that direct cash assistance is a powerful tool and we are committed to providing fast, flexible, low barrier assistance in ways that uplift our communities.


2023 Basic Needs 4-CT Card Program

How it Works:

4-CT partners with nonprofit organizations that share our enthusiasm for no-strings-attached assistance that places trust and autonomy in the hands of the recipient. These organizations, deeply embedded and trusted in their communities, are able to thoughtfully identify community members who could benefit from direct cash assistance and support them with a 4-CT Card.

4-CT Cards are distributed by partner organizations to recipients and are activated remotely. Within 24-48 hours, recipients can use their 4-CT Card as a debit card at any retail store or online merchant or convert it to cash via ATM or cash back at a store. 4-CT Card funds are transferred directly to cards and are not sent to partner organizations.

NOTE: 4–CT does not distribute cards directly, please contact your local community based organization if you are in need of assistance.