The 4-CT Card

Small Business Support Program

A direct cash assistance program aimed to support small, minority-owned and female-owned businesses directly impacted by COVID-19.

Small family owned businesses play a vital role in immigrant and marginalized communities, providing not only a source of income for the owners, but jobs for local workers and critical services such as food and childcare. Many of these businesses were hard hit by pandemic closures and restrictions but were unable to access pandemic relief funding and traditional loans due to their very small size and lack of existing bank relationships.

The Small Business Support Program partnered with community organizations that support women and minority owned businesses, to support key businesses across CT. Through our partners, we were able to identify 35 such businesses and provide them with $2,500 of 4-CT Card funding to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions, recover from lost income and maintain staffing levels.

March 2021 – May 2021
– 35 cards and $87,500 distributed
– 105 people served in 24 zip codes

For a more in depth view of the Small Business Support program data, please click here for our live report.