Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the 4-CT Card?

The 4-CT Card is a prepaid debit card used in our direct cash assistance programs intended to provide timely and effective aid to recipients facing a financial emergency or burden. Direct cash assistance provides recipients with the autonomy and trust to address emergencies with solutions that are best for them. The 4-CT Card programs aim to reach those who are in need of help, enhancing services already available through traditional government and private sources.

How much money is on the 4-CT Card?

The cards have the capability to be loaded (and be re-loaded) remotely. The amount that actually gets loaded onto each card depends on the objectives of each program and the needs of the client as determined by the 4-CT partner.

Why does 4-CT work with Community Partners?

Unlike our community partners, 4-CT does not work directly with the key populations we are trying to serve. The community based organizations (CBOs) and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) that we partner with provide direct services to these populations and therefore are more knowledgeable on their needs. 4-CT relies on this expertise to identify and advise us on vulnerable populations, and help design programs that address these needs.

What can I do if I need help now?

Check out your local community based organization and/or federally qualified health center! Many provide free services and can help match you with the appropriate aid for your situation. 4-CT relies on our CBO and FQHC partners to identify eligible clients and distribute 4-CT cards. If you need help finding your local CBO/FQHC, please call 211 or search community based organizations in your area.