Uniting CT to Confront COVID-19

With the unprecedented challenges our state and its residents currently face, the Connecticut COVID-19 Charity Connection (4-CT) was launched as a non-profit that unites donors with state-wide programs that will help make an immediate impact.


Working together with the Community Foundations of the State of Connecticut, under the banner of the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy to get funds into the hands of those who need help the most.

What 4-CT Does

We’re working together with the Community Foundations of the State of Connecticut to get funds into the hands of those who need help the most: childcare for first responders, food banks, and more; those already in need before this crisis began.

40% of Americans cannot come up with $400 in a crisis. COVID-19 IS THAT CRISIS.

We're an independent non-profit entity, staffed mostly by volunteers, that enables actionable, fundable projects in order to give the community a powerful new way to help support our state’s COVID-19 response.

4-CT Connects

We unite projects with corporate, foundation, and individual donors for funding and execution.

4-CT Coordinates

We collect, develop, and adapt projects throughout the state, and prioritize them for greatest impact.

4-CT Collaborates

We provide ongoing support as projects are executed, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Current Project

CT Food Bank & Foodshare

4-CT’s work with the CT Food Bank and Foodshare is helping to meet the increased demand for 144,000 food-insecure individuals by supporting food procurement, staffing, and distribution.

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Current Project

Healthcare Workers Family Childcare

Maintaining the supply of health workers is critical to providing care to COVID-19 patients, but childcare is making it a challenge for these professionals to be available. That’s why 4-CT is ensuring health workers have the childcare support they need to do their jobs.

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Please Donate Today

Many want to help by donating resources, time, and money, but lack a comprehensive view of response efforts and opportunities to help. Whether corporations, foundations, or private funders, 4-CT helps provide the clarity and connections needed for you to get involved.

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Helping Us In The Fight Against Coronavirus

From our Governor

"During this unprecedented public health crisis, we have seen incredible courage and acts of generosity by countless members of our community. 4-CT is a never –before –seen coordinated effort to link philanthropists, donors, and community foundations to the needs of our residents, as we all work together to get through this COVID-19 pandemic. We will get through this together, and 4-CT will act as a vital tool to help provide much needed outside investment to keep our programs and services stable during this tenuous time."

Ned Lamont

CT State Governor