Our Mission

4-CT coordinates major philanthropists, individual donors, community and corporate foundations, to address the needs of CT's most vulnerable crescents disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We partner with Community Based Organisations and Health Centers across the State of CT, adapting potential solutions and prioritising vulnerable populations.

What 4-CT Does

40% of Americans cannot come up with $400 in a crisis. COVID-19 IS THAT CRISIS.

We're an independent non-profit entity, that delivers direct-aid to our community in a powerful new way to help support our state's COVID-19 response.

Our Team


Dr. Michael Apkon

Roy Berger

Marie-Li Haub

Kathy Hodge

Juanita T. James

Don Kendall

Merrick “Rick” Kleeman

Emily Huntress Lamont

R. Adam Norwitt

JoAnn Price

Ted Yang


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Megumi Abe
MJ Basileo
Colette Chestnut
Chriss Gambos
Sydney De Lannoy
Priya Mariyappa
Catalina Samper-Horak
Robert Smith

Our Generous Donors

Kimberly Bond  | Diane Cornish | Paul Hardacre | Jake Quinn | Gordon Hart | Paul Alsop | Samantha Sanderson | Warren White | Carol Wright | Ryan Knox | Katherine Ball | Gordon McGrath | Hannah Lawrence | Keith Murray | Vanessa Kerr | Leonard Mathis | Lauren MacDonald | Chloe Vance | Faith Vance | Joseph Underwood | Brandon Lee | Dylan North | Madeleine Morrison | Anne Young | Hannah Duncan | Chloe Scott | Sebastian Martin | Amy Taylor | Penelope Sanderson