Supporting Home-based Childcare for Frontline and Essential Workers

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Project Details

COVID-19 has disrupted Connecticut’s supply of childcare, especially for the families of frontline and essential workers, who often work long and/or non-traditional hours. This project supports home-based childcare programs across Connecticut, which are struggling to stay open but provide crucial flexible hour, low crowding care for school-age children. This support is provided through strengthening existing and creating new support networks and resources for home-based programs to keep them open longer and bring them back online faster.

Social and Equity Impact of 4-CT Grant:

As of June 29th, EdAdvance working with the state's Office of Early Childhood has established 7 new networks to support family child care providers. As of June 2nd, the total number of available center and home spaces has increased to 15.4% of pre-Covid capacity, and the Family Child Cares served by 4-CT’s grant are staying open at a higher rate than any other setting

New network locations:

■      City of Hartford - Dept of Children, Families, Youth and Recreation

■      CT Family Resource Center Network- Branford HUB

■      CT Family Resource Center Network- Hebron HUB

■      CT Family Resource Center Network-  East Windsor HUB

■      CT Family Resource Center Network- Plainville HUB

■      CT Family Resource Center Network- Meriden HUB

■      CT Family Resource Center Network - Tolland HUB

●      # childcare centers: As of June 2nd, there were 1,215 open FCC providers (out of 1,890 licensed) comprising 72% of open providers.

●      # children in care: 7,254

○      About 64% of FCC spaces are open (7,254 of 11,278 licensed spaces). This is up slightly from 7,178 kids in care at the start of June.

The following chart shows race and ethnicity breakdown of children served in licensed family child care homes in the OEC’s child care subsidy program, Care 4 Kids. Please note that race and ethnicity is an optional fields for families to complete on the Care 4 Kids application, and that not all children served in Family Child Cares are eligible for subsidies.

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