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COVID-19 has caused a significant mental health crisis, especially within disadvantaged communities who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. In response, New Haven-based organization Clifford Beers, one of the foremost mental health non-profits in Connecticut, set up a "warmline" called Reach Out Greater New Haven. Now, with the support of 4-CT, Clifford Beers has expanded the warmline statewide to become Reach Out Connecticut (844-Talk-4CT).

844-Talk-4CT is a place where Connecticut residents can call for counseling on subclinical mental health issues. Warmline call operators will also provide, as needed, referrals to 211 or 911 and/or to partner non-profits that address specific issues such as food insecurity, general financial insecurity, and substance abuse. The goal of the warmline is to provide comprehensive and early support, helping to address issues before they worsen.

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