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Relief for Families of Pediatric Cancer

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Project Details

Pediatric cancer affects the entire family.  Since 2008 Circle of Care has worked with medical professionals and families across Connecticut to provide financial support to families experiencing difficulty with high medical co-payments and other hidden costs associated with cancer treatment.  Circle of Care has established a COVID-19relief fund to ensure financial support remains intact for this vulnerable population statewide.

Social and Equity Impact of 4-CT Grant:

Since 4-CT grant money was received on May 13th, funds have been spent on direct family aid for cancer patients across the following categories:

    ●      Housing (84%)

     ●      Utilities (12%)

     ●      Transportation (4%)

Twenty-nine families are now participating since the grant was awarded, bringing the total number of families assisted in 2020 to 47.

The average grant size per family is $1,500 (this includes intake of new families and additional assistance to families in extreme need.)

100% of families live below Area Mean Income (AMI):      

     ●      Low Income: 16% (3 Families)

     ●      Very Low Income: 24% (7 Families)

     ●      Extremely Low Income: 66% (19 Families)

Racial makeup of beneficiaries:

     ●      59% Hispanic/Latino

     ●      24% Black

     ●      14% White

     ●      3% Other

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