Improving Technology Literacy and Access to Online Services

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With deep roots in the community, SCOW has supported Latinx populations in Wallingford and neighboring towns since 1972. Lack of access to computers and internet combined with high levels of technology illiteracy have exacerbated the negative impacts of the COVID-19 as many critical services, transactions and educational opportunities have moved online. With this grant, SCOW will run a year long computer and technology education program designed to increase their community’s access to and proficiency navigating virtual environments. Community members can receive one on one support or personalized instruction in a small, socially distanced setting at a computer lab onsite, or participate in virtual sessions taught by SCOW instructors on topics ranging from applying for social services online to navigating remote learning platforms used by K-12 schools and colleges.

This grant is made pursuant to 4-CT’s commitment to funding projects that address systemic injustices and promote greater racial equality.

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