Community Policing Training for New Haven PD

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Project Details

The Center for Advanced Policing (CAP) at the University of New Haven was founded to address the rapidly evolving demands on law enforcement in the 21st century. The need for effective police training is more urgent than ever, as COVID-19 impacts and growing tensions in community-police relations combine to strain communities of color and police forces alike. Working with police officials, CAP uses evidence-based practices to design a broad range of training curricula for police departments across Connecticut. With this grant, CAP will implement an innovative Community Policing training at the New Haven Police Department. This program, which focuses on shifting underlying perceptions and attitudes in order to change behaviors will be part of regular in-service training for all officers, with rookies and Field Training officers receiving additional support over the course of 2021.

This grant is made pursuant to 4-CT’s commitment to funding projects that address systemic injustices and promote greater racial equality.

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