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Community health centers across Connecticut playa vital role in strengthening and supporting the clinical and administrative needs of patients in vulnerable populations. The Community Health Center Association of Connecticut (CHCACT) serves a significant percentage of the state’s disadvantaged population and implements programs ranging from emergency care to tele-health for patients of all ages.  In order to provide high quality, comprehensive care to community members who rely on their services, these health centers must have sufficient quantities of personal protection equipment at their disposal.  This project addresses those needs so that essential care can continue in communities throughout the state.

Social and Equity Impact of 4-CT Grant:

●  PPE: Each Community Health Center (CHC) has received on average 34 days worth of masks, 144 days worth of shoe covers, and 102 days worth of head covers

● When 4-CT grant money was received on May 11th, only 1 community health center had an average of 1+ month of PPE on hand. As of June 26th, 7 CHC’s meet this criteria.

●  When 4-CT grant money was received on May 11th, 2 CHC’s were doing COVID-19 testing and some were only waiting on additional PPE. As of June 26th, all 17 CHC’s are doing full-time testing.

Share of active virus test recipients by race (Week of 6/19/20):

○      Black: 14.6%

○      Hispanic/Latino: 31.2%

○      White: 17.5%

○      Other/Two or More: 4%

○      Refused to report: 32.7%

Share of antibody test recipients by race (Week of 6/19/20):

○      Black: 14.9%

○      Hispanic/Latino: 32.1%

○      White: 32.1%

○      Other/Two or More: 10.7%

○      Refused to Report: 10.7%

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