Our Story

4-CT was started by a group of philanthropists and volunteers in March of 2020 to address unmet needs that remained in the current landscape of state, federal and philanthropic pandemic relief efforts. It became clear that a rapid response organization that was highly aligned with and complementary to state government and private sector efforts would be necessary to address the statewide impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

     Our goal was to rapidly and effectively deliver relief to Connecticut residents disproportionately affected by the pandemic. 4-CT’s initial relief efforts were therefore focused on:
-  Filling gaps and augmenting the State
   and Federal response;
-  Helping frontline non-profit organizations
   meet the surge in demand caused by
-  Scaling up successful local strategies, and
-  Developing novel solutions when needed.

In each of these focus areas, we enabled large amounts of grant funding, over $14 million philanthropic dollars, to be quickly deployed to reach vulnerable populations such as immigrants, essential workers, communities of color, low-income families, the unemployed, and the elderly.
By funding over 40 projects across the state in the areas of education, childcare, housing, food and health, we were able to bring rapid relief to the most marginalized residents of Connecticut who were also the ones disproportionately harmed by COVID-19. 4-CT’s goal of helping communities and families excluded from federal COVID-19 relief funds and unemployment benefits due to their immigration status led to the design of the 4-CT Cash Aid program.